upcoming shows

Coming Up 2019

  • October 17th @ le Drugstore – Montréal
  • October 18th @ Café Cléopatre – Montréal
  • October 25th @ La Sala Rossa – Montréal




  • March 28th – Coteau-du-Lac
  • April 10th to 14th – Boston (Workshop and Performance)
  • April 19th @ Café Cléopatre – Montréal
  • July 3rd – Provincetown, Massachusetts
  • August 3rd @ Cocktail – Montréal
  • August 15th @ Chez Mado – Montréal
  • September 20th @ Café Cléopatre – Montréal



  • January 19th Candyass Cabaret @ Café Cléopatre – Montréal
  • February 16th Candyass Cabaret @ Café Cléopatre – Montréal
  • March 16th Wiggle Room – Montréal
  • March 16th Candyass Cabaret @ Café Cléopatre – Montréal
  • April 20th Candyass Cabaret @ Café Cléopatre – Montréal
  • May 11th – Sherbrooke
  • May 18th Candyass Cabaret @ Café Cléopatre – Montréal
  • August 2nd Wiggle Room – Montréal
  • August 16th  Chez Mado – Montréal
  • August 17th Wiggle Room – Montréal
  • September 21st @ Café Cléopatre – Montréal
  • October 13th @ Coteau-du-Lac
  • October 19th @ Café Cléopatre – Montréal


  • May 6th at Petit Campus – part of Blue Light Burlesque
  • May 19th at Café Cléopatre
  • July 15th Halifax Pride
  • August 16th Chez Mado – Montréal
  • August 19th Fierté Montréal Pride
  • August 26th Wiggle Room Montréal
  • September 1st Fat Boys Southern Smokehouse – 34 Murray Street, Ottawa
  • September 15th Café Cléopatre
  • October 20th Meow Mix Sala Rosa
  • November 10th wiggle room  Montreal
  • November 17th Café Cléopatre

2016 and Earlier

  • October 21st Café Cléopatre
  • May 15th Café Cléopatre
  • May 21st swizzlers in Ottawa
  • May 30 venue to be confirmed
  • Feb.21st Toronto’s sin burlesque
  • Feb. 20th Toronto’s Flying Beaver
  • January 23rd Wiggle room
  • January 16th Café Cléopatre
  • June 15th Boston 1256 Boylston block party
  • June 14th Boston’s machine club

June 13th Winooski Vermont 30 main street                                       
June first hosting the auditions for a show for pride Montreal at Royal phoenix 5788 St laurent
May 29th at Candi Bar at 1148 Mount Royal 8Pm!
May 17th Conference show at the Sheraton hotel in Dorval
May 16th Candyass Cabaret 10pm
May 3rd Wiggle room Prince tribute night
April 20th One hour solo show at Cafe Cleopatra’s 10pm
April 13th Wiggle room 7pm hosting
April 9th Wiggle room 9pm
June 15th Boston Pride and Dyke night outdoor JP block party-Jamaica Plain
June 14th Boston Dyke night’s Lush Pride party
June 13th Vermont
May 16th Cafe Cleopatra’s
April 18th Solo show at Cafe Cleopatra’s
March 22nd Wiggle room 3874 St Laurent Performing and hosting
March 21st Cleopatra’s
March 8th Wiggle room as MC
March 7th Cafe l’Artere 7000 ave du parc
Feb 26th Wiggle room
Feb 21st Cleopatra’s 10Pm
Feb. 5th Wiggle room 830 PM 3874 St-Laurent
jan 17th Cafe Cleopatra’s 10PM! 80’s themed 25th Candyass Cabaret
Dec 20th Cafe Cleopatra’s 10Pm!
Dec First at Cafe Cleopatra’s 730 pm with Billy l’Amour!
Nov 30th Cafe Cleopatra’s with the Bomantics and the Sublimes Rondeurs
Nov 8th Cafe Cleopatra
Nov. 2nd Beaconsfield
Oct 18th Cafe Cleopatra’s
Oct 5th Philadelphia P.A Tabu lounge
cafe cleopatre sept 20th
Cafe Cleopatra’s August 3rd
Just for laughs Festival July 13-14-18-21 and 26
June 21 candyass cabaret at club Cleopatra 10pm
June 15th Rhode Island Pride
October 5th Philadelphia 2013
May 31 and June 1st at Le Cabaret 1590 St- Catherine East in Montreal with Billy L’Amour!

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